Eclectic electronic delights await…

The DEFSynth team continue to present electronic music events with an eclectic and engaging line-up (as TEC have previously reported). Launched under the tagline of “The New Wave of Waveform”, you’re never quite sure what a DEFSynth night is going to bring, but the selection will always be intriguing (and certainly never dull).

This Friday sees London playing host to another DEFSynth night at Whitechapel’s Urban Bar that offers up a selection of enthralling live acts – including the UK debut of US artists Meganoke, bringing her sultry trip-hop-inspired sounds to London audiences for the first time.


Electronic artist Meganoke has an ability to craft mesmerising rhythms married with soulful vocals. The multi-talented Texan delivers genre-crossing tunes that are both unique and dynamic.

Working with some of the most talented underground musicians in Austin, Texas, Meganoke has created tunes that have seen her work summed up as “an invitation to feel, think, live, change  & wonder” and “a life song, a death song; a celebration, a mourning;  beauty, fierceness & rage”. Produced by the accomplished LA Underground legend Riddlore (Project Blowed, CVE), Meganoke delivers polished electronic goodness.

Meganoke also sees the opportunity for live shows to cultivate each performance as a unique experience. The modern day renaissance woman, Meganoke is a creative tour de force. She wields words, movement, sound & image with expert ability, evoking the ever-present sensual YES with each touch, step and whisper, inviting the audience on a midnight ride into the dark & wild unknown.


‘Post-punk electronic balladeers’ Cult With No Name, comprise the East London duo of Erik Stein and Jon Boux. Their first two studio albums Paper Wraps Rock and Careful What You Wish For were met with critical acclaim.

In 2014, inspired by their track ‘As Below’, German film-maker Peter Braatz commissioned the band to produce a soundtrack for his documentary Blue Velvet Revisited. 2017 saw Cult With No Name return to songwriting with the magnificent Heir Of The Dog. Featuring the supporting cast of Tuxedomoon members and the talents of Kelli Ali, it saw the band explore touches of Americana, from disco to gospel to blues. The album includes ‘No News’, one of their most remarkable piano ballads to date, as featured over the closing credits of Blue Velvet Revisited.

In addition to their studio albums, the band have appeared on several compilations and have frequently collaborated with minimal techno artist Doudou Malicious. Erik Stein has also acted in several short films made by electronic music pioneer John Foxx as well as the 2011 short film Sonus, produced by Ridley Scott Associates. The band collaborated with Kelli Ali, co-writing and performing on two songs for her 2013 solo album, Band Of Angels.


Drawing from a wide range of influences, including Aphex Twin, Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack and Moby, Cyberwaste pull together electronic music across hip-hop, industrial, dance and all points in-between.

The female-fronted electronic act have found their home on the Syndicol label (home of Dicepeople and Moi Saint) and have cultivated a talent for immersive soundscapes and bass-heavy beats compositions.

From the glitch beats of ‘Atom Place’ to the subtle rhythms of ‘Metamorphosis’ and the spacey beats of ‘Client’, Cyberwaste manage to draw a stylish aesthetic on their future music compositions.

For live outings, Cyberwaste employ visually-striking projections, offering an hypnotic stage performance against their engaging electronica.


Nitrate Visions by Jan Doyle Band
Acting as the in-house band for DEFSynth events, Jan Doyle Band style themselves as self-proclaimed Insurrectionary Neo Futurists. Fronted by the flamboyant Derek Anthony Williams and backed by Michael Stokes on synths, Jan Doyle Band combine performance art with engaging electronic music.

Zipping through influences that include synthpop, industrial and goth, the electronic outfit offer up glamour and glitz in equal measure. Every live performance is guaranteed to be unique and unpredictable, or as Jan Doyle Band themselves put it: “We acknowledge that fundamentally the concept of flamboyant performance is a ridiculous one and utterly embrace many of the most ludicrous elements of it, but then at the same time we are dedicated to producing a memorable, engaging, exciting live show”.

“Having Williams as your frontman helps. Looking like a wasted teenager who barely gets out in the daylight, possibly on account of reading way too many 2000AD comics in a dingy and grim bedroom.” – Rob Dyer of

DEFSynth presents Meganoke takes place on Friday 4th May 2018 at The Urban Bar, W176 Whitechapel Road, E1 1BJ London. 8pm to 2pm.

Also featuring DJ sets from Derek Anthony Williams (DEFSynth, Jan Doyle Band) and PaulB (The Electricity Club).

DEFSynth Presents: The New Wave of Waveform

Insurrectionary Neo Futurist Adventures…

The live event circuit has been boosted of late by the regular DEFSynth events. Hosted by the larger than life character of Derek Anthony Williams, the DEFSynth nights are launched under the tagline of “The New Wave of Waveform” and make an effort to combine an eclectic combination of bands and artists as a solid foundation for an electronic music evening.

There’s a rawness to the DEFSynth nights that mark them out from many of the other multi-artist events that pepper the electronic music calendar. You’re never quite sure what any night is going to bring, but the selection is always intriguing (and certainly never dull). Tonight the intimate environs of Whitechapel’s Urban Bar are also graced by many figures from the UK’s grassroots electronic music scene. Consequently, the evening offers up a mingling of talents that includes the likes of LegPuppy, Dicepeople, Shelter and Autorotation among others. Tonight they’re taking a break from the stage themselves, but offer up an enthusiastic audience for the DEFSynth acts to follow.

Punkdisco have graced the stage for DEFSynth events in times past, where Leah’s on-stage presence has radiated a nonchalant, laid-back style. Boasting punk-tinged tunes with an attitude, the boy/girl duo offer up the squelchy delights of ‘I Can Dance’ and the frenetic rhythms of ‘All The Things’ as part of their set.

There’s a heavier impact for the tunes that accompany 3D on stage. Consisting of the charismatic Thomas Kelly on vocals and the accomplished synth skills of Dean Clarke (Brutalist Architecture in the Sun, Bluetown Electronica), 3D waste little time in getting the audience in the mood.

Kelly commands the stage through a strident presence and manages to spice up proceedings by ejecting the mic stand across the floor! Stripping off to reveal a hazard-taped body somehow adds to the unpredictable ambience.

Tonight sees the debut of new 3D song (and new single) ‘Alien Expression’. Here, a bass-heavy number is given some contrast with intermittent bright synth riffs. But there’s a percussive strength to much of 3D’s catalogue of tunes, including the menacing tones of ‘I Wanna Riot’. The outcome is that 3D manage to leave an indelible impression on the DEFSynth audience.

Meanwhile, the dancepop delights of Sheffield’s own Voi Vang are framed by her expressive and energetic on-stage choreography. The in-your-face rhythms of ‘Cards’ and ‘Streets Of Gold’ are balanced up with the more wistful tones of ‘Mirror’.

It’s clear that solo star Voi Vang and her self-styled “Experimental Aphotic Pop” have made an impression in recent months (including a legendary live outing at Silicon Dreams last year) and suggests a bright future for this emerging talent.

The evening’s host, Derek Anthony Williams himself, takes to the stage as part of Jan Doyle Band (serving as the in-house band for the DEFSynth events). Unsurprisingly, Williams cuts a striking figure on stage with his punk hair and facepaint, while Michael Stokes fires up the synths. Jan Doyle Band manage to combine a number of distinct influences, from synthpop through to goth and industrial, while Williams recognises no boundary between stage and audience as he cuts shapes to the tunes. The result is as much performance art as it is music performance and, again, the crowd are fully engaged in this electronic theatre.

Joining Jan Doyle Band at the halfway point is the accomplished guitar licks of Valkyrie (who also performs guitar duties for the likes of Lene Lovitch among others). It’s a powerful combination that presents a dynamic set – one that tails out with the unusual (yet effective) cover choice of Toyah’s ‘I Want To Be Free’.

As well as live music, the night is rounded off with some shrewd DJ tunes (including the likes of TR/ST, Lady Gaga, Grimes and Poppy) that keeps things moving – and which also coincides with Voi Vang’s birthday. It provides a suitable ending to a fine Saturday night’s entertainment. At the same time, tonight serves as a demonstration that the DEFSynth events offer up a music calendar fixture that doesn’t disappoint.

DEFSynth return on 4th May with Meganoke (UK debut) along with Cult With No Name, Cyberwaste and Jan Doyle Band. More details:

All photos by Paul Browne.