This weeks tunes feature the synth-infused pop of GGOOLLDD, the Nordic charms of EAST OF MY YOUTH and the synthwave stylings of SUPERDIVORCE

GGOOLLDD – The Way That I Feel

The strangely monikered GGOOLLDD are keen to express their influences, which cover a peculiarly wide base. Ranging from the bombastic Queen and the raw energy of Black Sabbath through to the art rock of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, it suggests a slightly disconcerting combo. In fact, GGOOLLDD dart around an alt-rock foundation that’s augmented with some engaging electronics and topped off with Margaret Butler’s emphatic vocal delivery.

Musically, the Milwaukee-based 4-piece outfit are closer to a sound that suggests a harder-edged Purity Ring, although they manage to keep things interesting with a variety of styles on new EP Teeth. ‘The Way That I Feel’ has a raw energy to it with its guitar-fueled drive. ‘Undercovers’, on the other hand, suggests elements of Grimes while ‘Secrets’ conjures up visions of a rockier Lana Del Rey.

GGOOLLDD are also due to step into the support role for OMD on their US adventures in the new year, allowing the outfit a much wider profile.

The Teeth EP is out now on Roll Call Records.
Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/7CAZpXt7zw4HcVQqWUUYrg
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rollcallrecords/sets/ggoolldd-preview/s-YxFt7


Icelandic duo East of My Youth present a flavour of synth tunes that sounds strangely organic, yet nonetheless captivating. Consisting of Thelma Marín Jónsdóttir’s rich vocals and Herdís Stefánsdóttir’s evocative beats, East of My Youth formed in 2015 and have since won over press praise as well as a fanbase via their appearances at festivals such as SXSW.

There’s a simple charm to the duo’s output on tunes such as ‘Broken Glass’, while ‘M O T H E R’ has a much more obvious synthpop foundation.

At times recalling the Nordic sweep of artists such as Susanne Sundfør, there’s a fragile pop quality to latest outing ‘Go Home’ which has an evocative quality with some subtle icy synth elements.

‘Go Home’ is out now via West Of My Future Ltd.



Describing themselves as a “Synthpop phoenix from a smokey arcade” the Ohio-based synthpop duo draw from a deliberately ‘80s/analogue sound palette. Nick Villars and Zach Bender, who make up Superdivorce, have a storied history within the music community. Originally gravitating to the post-hardcore scene, the duo have taken a different direction under the guise of Superdivorce.

‘The Predator’, culled from their debut album Action Figures, trades on elements of synthwave yet manages to take a neat swerve from pastiche ‘80s. There’s an accessibility to the tune allowing it to slip the knot of being niche synthpop by numbers.

Action Figures is out now on Too Sweet Records.



This weeks tunes feature the percussive synthpop of ODDITY, the powerful tunes of TWIST HELIX and dancepop goodness of VOI VANG.

ODDITY – Revolution

There’s something magical about the combination between Oddity’s warm synthpop sounds and the visuals of their beguiling video for new outing ‘Revolution’.

Describing themselves as “open, sincere, emotional and moderately ironic music”, the Russian 3-piece outfit consists of Kolya, Andrew and Serg. As a band, their influences and inspirations point in the right direction with an electronic take on Joy Division’s classic ‘Transmission’. Their 2016 EP American Beauty also featured some percussive synth tunes, including the title track – which at times sounds like a collision between Parralox and Electric Youth.

Meanwhile, ‘Revolution’ shows Oddity revealing a much more polished stab at synthpop. The bass-heavy repetitive rhythms which drive the song forward are matched by the mesmerising icy vocals. It’s a perfect storm of stylish synthpop that will hook you from start to finish.


TWIST HELIX – Little Buildings

3-piece synthpop outfit Twist Helix boast dramatic tunes and big, euphoric vocal melodies. Arriving in 2016 on the back of debut single ‘Decade’. they’ve since built up a healthy profile on the festival circuit.

Hailing from Newcastle, Twist Helix consists of singer and synth player Bea, bassist Michael and drummer James. New release ‘Little Buildings’ (taken from forthcoming album Ouseburn) has a solid sound to it which is helped by their willingness to embrace a variety of instrumentation, including guitar and live drums (something that TEC favourites Hot Pink Abuse also use to their advantage). The result is a robust tune which is topped off with Bea’s powerful vocals.

There’s an energy to Twist Helix that definitely leaves an impression and they’ve got the chops to make their presence known to a much broader audience on the strength of tunes such as ‘Little Buildings’.


VOI VANG – Mirror

Mirror by Voi Vang
Voi Vang has been making waves with a number of appearances at electronic events across the UK, including an impressive performance at last summer’s Silicon Dreams event.

‘Mirror’ continues to demonstrate her knack for dance pop with an electronic flavour. The track starts out with a plaintive piano melody before transforming into a much more dynamic outing. Bouncing between pop and EDM elements, there’s a captivating use of rhythms and melodies to produce a powerful dance floor filler.

It’s also a track that reveals Voi Vang’s impressive vocal range, which has a punchy, direct power that sits in tandem with the driving electronic beats.



This weeks tunes feature dynamic electropop via ELEKTRISK GØNNER, the pop/trip-hop stylings of LIVING DEAD GIRL and lush soundscapes care of OSHH.


There’s an engaging dynamic quality to ‘Money’ the latest release from Elektrisk Gønner – an electronic project formed by Benjamin Løzninger and featuring some beguiling vocals from Skylar Cocco.

Løzninger grew up in France with a love for an eclectic mix of music, including Kraftwerk and The Clash. His mother also sang and played ukulele in a punk choir, which helped build a broad spectrum of influences and ideas. Meanwhile, singer-songwriter Coco Skyler learned how to operate an eight-track recording system, programming drums and taught herself bass, guitar and piano to accompany her songs from age 11.

There’s a gritty, driving bass to ‘Money’ matched against a rich foundation of electronics and chiptune aesthetics. It’s an immediate belter of a tune that’s topped off with some polished production and deserves to be a cross-genre smash.

‘Money’ is out now on Paintedblack.



Jon Lloyd and Jessica English formed the multi-instrumental outfit Living Dead Girl in 2014 with a view to crafting accessible electropop with a dark twist. Lloyd developed his musical chops through industrial outfit Ventenner, while English is classically trained as a singer and on piano.

With new release ‘Still Life’, the pair pull together a layered composition that weaves in trip-hop elements with lush instrumentation (and a bit of a nod to John Carpenter for good measure). There’s a sensual quality to the whole affair, which takes on a different aspect in the narrative of the video. Here, a whimsical tale of dealing with loss is marked by some striking visuals.

‘Still Life’ is out now.


OSHH – All Mistakes

Hailing from Anglesey, Osian Howells produces his own flavour of lush, smooth synthpop. ‘All Mistakes’, taken from his forthcoming debut album, has washes of warm synth sounds topped with Howells’ icy vocals. If you’re familiar with the likes of Sailor & I and The Sound Of Arrows, then OSHH’s dreampop touches will find a sense of resonance.

The album itself features tunes crafted from the same lush ingredients, including some fine pop moments (such as the melodic drive of ‘You Were Wrong And You Were Right’).

OSHH is released 6th October on Blinc Records.



This weeks tunes feature the lush electronica of FIRE_SIGN, synthpop perfection with RADIANT BABY and the pop hooks of TOFFE.

fire_sign – Sweet Oblivion

The London-based duo that style themselves as fire_sign consists of drummer, pianist and producer Chris Stickland and cellist and vocalist Sarah Glayzer. The pair draw from a suitably diverse range of influences, including Zero 7, Moderat, Dusty Springfield, Massive Attack and Björk. The result of that particular blend is a smart composition titled ‘Sweet Oblivion’.

There’s a broad number of sounds and ideas at work on this tune, that should be pulling in very different directions. Instead, the result is a wonderful set of ingredients offering up a lush, engaging soundscape that suggests everything from electronica through to techno.

At its heart, ‘Sweet Oblivion’ is a wonderfully layered composition weaving in strings and electronics. Glayzer’s vocals, meanwhile, lend a gossamer sheen to proceedings.

A Sweet Oblivion EP is out now as a limited edition 12″ as well as a download. The EP also featured remixes from Digitonal, Greymatter, Leigh Morgan and Mr Bristow.


RADIANT BABY – It’s My Party

There’s a generous use of electronic melodies at work here which suggests classic synthpop, but with a definite 21st Century pop element.

Born and raised in Montreal, Felix Mongeon, aka Radiant Baby, has crafted an engaging slice of electropop perfection on ‘Save Me From Myself’. There’s something of a Sparks feel on the vocal delivery, while the electronic rhythms bring to mind the style of ‘lost’ contemporary outfit Mirrors.

Radiant Baby has performed at POP Montreal twice and opened for the likes of Peaches and Róisín Murphy. On the basis of this tune, we’re looking at a bright pop future for Mr. Mongeon.

‘Save Me From Myself’ is included on new EP release It’s My Party on Lisbon Lux Records.


TOFFE – Painting Pictures

We’re not sure what they’re putting in the water in Sweden, but there does seem to be a non-stop supply of talent and tunes in recent years. Here, for instance, is Toffe – a 26-year-old Swedish artist who has just released his first single ‘Painting Pictures’.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Peter Gabriel, Frank Zappa and Genesis, Toffe nevertheless has a distinctly modern sound to his material. ‘Painting Pictures’ is a breezy, melodic outing that’s packed with pop hooks.

‘Painting Pictures’ is out now via Quiet One Recordings/AWAL



This weeks tunes feature the ethereal tones of OOBERFUSE, the synthwave of PATTERN LANGUAGE and the minimalist techno of TEGEL.


Consisting of songwriting duo Hal St John and Cherrie Anderson, Ooberfuse offer up an ethereal slice of electropop via ‘On My Knees’ (taken from forthcoming album The Odd Ones) that engages the heart as well as the mind (stick with the video as it has an unexpected ending – and a powerful message).

The London-based Ooberfuse describe their music as “audio footprints left behind by people impelled towards invisible things”. There’s certainly an icy pop appeal to ‘On My Knees’ that’s subtle, yet also boasts some wonderful melodies and arrangement.

Ooberfuse are also appearing at The Great Escape Festival later this month.

The Odd Ones is released 9th June.


PATTERN LANGUAGE – By The Time We Get There

The work of electronic musician Chris Frain, Pattern Language engages a particular approach to songwriting that brings to mind the German school of electronic music, including Kraftwerk, Cluster and La Düsseldorf. There’s also a bit of a nod to synthwave on ‘By The Time We Get There’, helped along by the hypnotic qualities of the video which was apparently created using obsolete corporate video equipment.

Based in the US, Frain was previously part of indie-pop band The Giranimals and bassist for the power-prog rock trio Tanuki. But in 2013, Frain decided to pursue a solo electronic music career after a chance viewing of the BBC4 documentary Synth Britannia, which made him fall back in love with the sound of the synthesizer. The result is the mini-album Total Squaresville which features a selection of engaging electronica that’s going to appeal to a broad selection of electronic music enthusiasts.

Total Squaresville is due out this June on Happy Robot Records.


TEGEL – Science

For those that like their electronic music to weave in minimalism and techno, then Swedish outfit Tegel will likely win over a few fans.

With a new album release titled Science out now, Tegel is an act who describe their sound as having a “focus on experimental sonic experiences”. There’s a dark quality to the brooding beats on the material here, particularly the haunting tones of ‘Infinity’. Also up on the album is a remix of the track ‘Radio’ by renowned Austrian artist Electric Indigo, which delivers a crunchy fractured soundscape.

Science out now on Stereoklang.



This weeks tunes feature the analogue melodies of COTTON WOLF, the chiptune/electropunk of JIMMY URINE and the dancepop power of FEMM.


Cotton Wolf consists of Welsh producer Llion Robertson and classically-trained composer Seb Goldfinch. With a selection of EPs under their belt, a debut album Life In Analogue is out later this month.

There’s a crunchy quality to the rhythms of ‘Glosh’, offset with airy synth melodies. Meanwhile, vague and indistinct vocal elements drift in and out in ghostly fashion. As their album title attests, the duo are keen to retain a warm, human element to their music – or as they phrase it: “a symphony to the conflicted love of man and machine absorbed by digitisation and a soundtrack to modern living”. Either way, this is an engaging slice of electronica that suggests Cotton Wolf are an act worth keeping an eye on.

Life In Analogue is due out 28th April on Bubblewrap Collective.


JIMMY URINE – Fighting With The Melody

Taking time out from electropunk outfit Mindless Self Indulgence, frontman Jimmy Urine has been dabbling in a solo effort in the shape of forthcoming album The Secret Cinematic Sounds Of Jimmy Urine.

Citing an interest in synthesisers, comic books and video games, ‘Fighting With The Melody’ pulls in all those pop culture elements for a zippy synthpop number that’s packed with hooks and electronic goodness. Penned for RPG game Metronomicon, Urine states: “I wanted to write it from the point of view of the boss you were fighting on screen. I wanted it to be like a crazy over the top Disney villain song. The game creators sent me some character art and animation and there wasn’t one specific character so I wrote it so it could be applied to any boss or monster; basically a boss in a video game is cocky and wants to fucking kill you and depending on how you play will probably kill you a bunch of times.”

Urine’s interest in comic book culture has led him to land a role in the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, but meanwhile this synthpop/chiptune wonder will work its magic on your ears.

The Secret Cinematic Sounds Of Jimmy Urine IS due out 28th April via The End Records.


FEMM – Do It Again

Hailing from Japan, the dancepop duo of RiRi and Lula operate under the monkier of FEMM (Far East Mention Mannequins). Having cut their chops on the back of the K-Pop-esque ‘Fxxk Boyz Get Money’ in 2014 FEMM continue to make great strides in establishing a global fanbase.

Here, FEMM have teamed up with US singer-songwriter LIZ for the lush pop of ‘Do It Again’ along with some input from Lil’Fang (FAKY). The video adopts the ‘split depth’ technique to achieve its fake 3D effect and makes good use of its primary colour palette.

This method of teaming up J-Pop artists with western artists is a bit of a thing lately (see also Kyary Pamyu Pamyu teaming up with Charli XCX). With J-Pop often being perceived as a hard sell in the west, this approach appears to be a desire to make these acts more palatable for global audiences .

‘Do It Again’ is unashamedly pop, which isn’t going to win over everybody, but if you want to expand your musical horizons then the likes of FEMM and Japan’s own unique musical culture is a good place to start.

‘Do It Again’ is out 3rd May via Maximum 10. FEMM are also making their UK live debut on 23rd April in London. More details via our sister site www.jpopgo.co.uk



This weeks tunes of choice alternate between the smooth synthpop of AIVIS, the lo-fi charms of DUCKS! and the analogue electronica of DALHAM.


Consisting of Aidan and Travis, the former from Scotland and the latter from the USA, the duo that make up AIVIS had a bit of an issue with geographical distance to contend with. This didn’t stop the pair working together over the internet, a collaboration that delivered the smooth synthpop warmth of ‘The Wilderness’.

Now a new song has been unveiled by the pair in the form of ‘Sky’. The accompanying video for the song is a sort of travelogue, which shows Aidan in the US as Travis takes him around Chicago and the pair share cultural exchanges (such as introducing Irn-Bru to America). As for ‘Sky’ itself, it continues in the tradition that AIVIS have been cultivating with a particular electronic warmth topped out by a smooth vocal delivery from Aidan. The track has an effective and polished production at its heart, which delivers a crisp slice of electronic pop. In an interview with The Pansentient League website, Aidan described the music of AIVIS as “Catchy emotional insidious glitchy electronic pop”, which sums things up nicely.

‘Sky’ is available via Spotify https://goo.gl/M8quTy, iTunes https://goo.gl/J0mW5J and Amazon https://goo.gl/L3lXva


Ducks! – Giant World

Ducks! consists of Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan, Berlin-based Australians who have been crafting their own style of electronic music since 2014. The pair released their debut album Ding Ding Ding last year and have also recorded music for art-world memoirs and surrealist radio adventures.

‘Giant World’ has a crunchy, lof-fi quality to it. It’s a track with a beguiling combination of electronics and indistinct elements that lend the whole composition a certain charm.

‘Giant World’ is taken from their new album Nak Nak which the duo describe as an album that will “explore the life aquatic, from tiny ponds and rock pools to great, dark oceans; from the imaginary childhood sea of blue crepe waves and paper fish hung from coat hangers, to the real thing; huge, teeming with life, but so alien to the everyday world of humans that it might as well be outer space”.


Dalham – Waves

Waves by Dalham
There’s an oddly unsettling tone to Dalham’s cinematic soundscapes. An electronic producer who cites influences ranging from from science fiction scores, late ’90s era Warp and modern hip hop, debut album Waves will appeal to fans of the likes of Boards Of Canada.

Gems such as ‘New Sun’ and ‘Prism’ offer up an immersive ocean of analogue delights, while ‘DXX’ is an oddly hypnotic, discordant affair.



Veering towards a more pop-orientated list this week from the subtle dreampop of SHAEFRI, the synthpop-tinged pop of VICTORIA CELESTINE & the crunchy electronics of DJUSTIN

Shaefri – Monster

Based in London, electronic musician Shaefri has a mesmerising voice which floats over an evocative layer of gentle melodies on new single ‘Monster’. “I wrote ‘Monster’ at a time when I was in a bit of a dark place” suggests Shaefri, “and I found it to be a useful way of helping me accept that I had this ‘creature’ within me, that likes to self-destruct, but to try to resist it whilst learning to live alongside it – we all have our demons, but they help to make us who we are.”

Filmed in Cornwall, the video for ‘Monster’ shows Shaefri chased by four different painted masks representing aggression, weakness, fear and manipulation. Her minimalistic style has a subtle power and this beguiling slice of dreampop is likely to win over new fans.

‘Monster’ is out now, taken from the forthcoming EP Cracks. Shaefri will be launching the EP at a live show at Notting Hill Arts Club on 6th April.


Victoria Celestine – Carrying On

There’s a bright and joyful flavour to this tune from Texas-based musician Victoria Celestine. ‘Carrying On’ also has a bit of a Chvrches feel at work here, which is never a bad thing when so many artists are aiming at a darker, sombre take on electronic music.

Although she spent her formative years learning piano and singing, it wasn’t until 2010 that Celestine embarked on her singer/songwriter career. While her music is definitely aimed at the world of pop, it’s also shored up with some good electronic foundations.

‘Carrying On’ will be available via digital on 21st April via A Badge Of Friendship.


Djustin – Dancing

There’s a nice, crunchy feel to this number which comes courtesy of electronic duo Djustin. Formed of Johan Angergård and Rose Suau, the pair originate from Stockholm and Detroit respectively.

Djustin describe themselves as “a starry-eyed narrative set to driving beats, crystalline synths, and alluring vocals”, which is pretty much what ‘Dancing’ is all about. Their debut album Voyagers, from which this track is culled, arrives on 5th May.

‘Dancing’ is out now via Labrador Records.



A selection of electronic goodness care of LO FIVE, EMILIE and FREAKY GIRLS…

Lo Five

Liverpool’s Lo Five is the musical ventures of Neil Grant. Formed in 2013, Lo Five is a tricky venture to bracket as Grant’s own unique take on electronica pulls in from a wide variety of influences, while also sounding like nothing else you’ve heard before.

Lo Five draws on rich immersive soundscapes that are layered with melodic elements, such as the ice cream melodies of ‘Interdependents’. “If you’re really listening” states the Lo Five’s Soundcloud page, “if you’re awake to the poignant beauty of the world, your heart breaks regularly”. It’s a sentiment that we can only agree with.


Freaky Girls

It’s always a bit of a challenge to carve out your own sound in an increasingly busy electronic music scene. Atlanta-based Freaky Girls have assembled their musical adventures in a style that pulls from electropop and synthwave. There’s an uptempo, breezy quality to their music while still having washes of dreampop into the mix.

‘Almost Every Time (I Close My Eyes)’ has a euphoric quality to it offset by the odd blending of vocals and a buzzy, synth rhythm track.



Edinburgh-based electro pop singer songwriter Emilie, aka Emily Atkinson, has been picking up good reviews on the back of her previous release ‘Eyes For You’ and managed to score a sold out gig for her debut EP launch.

Now comes new single release ‘Never Enough’, out today via Depot Records. ‘Never Enough’ is a silky smooth slice of electronic pop with a subtle, restrained percussive rhythm. Meanwhile, Emilie’s vocals bat between an ethereal siren’s call and bold, confident statement.


TECLIST: Dicepeople, Autorotation & Little Sleeps

A selection of electronic goodness care of DICEPEOPLE, AUTOROTATION and LITTLE SLEEPS…

As part of a new feature, The Electricity Club will be sampling a few select artists and bands and presenting them to you with a brief write-up of what they’re all about. We’ll often be mixing it up with dips into many different flavours of electronic music to see what tunes grab your fancy. This week, TEC is casting an eye over everything from dark pop to love affairs with foxes. What more could the discerning listener need?


The darkwave genre has always been a busy scene with a metric ton of bands and artists plying their wares. Dicepeople, an electronic outfit from London, consists of Matt Brock (musician, songwriter and producer), Atashi Tada (vocalist) and Rafael Filomeno (visual artist).

As a combo, Dicepople have been on the scene since 2013. The group have an emphasis on strong visuals as part of their live shows and they draw inspiration from the likes of Depeche Mode, John Carpenter, Siouxsie Sioux, Front 242 and all points inbetween.

‘Synthetic’ is pretty much on-point with its brooding gothic synth melodies against a burbling electronic background. Atashi Tada’s vocal lead is tweaked and distorted and lends the whole affair a cyberpunk aesthetic.

Along with a selection of remixes by the likes of Ventenner and Little Death Machine, ‘Synthetic’ is going to appeal to synthpop enthusiasts who like their tunes to wander into darker territories.



Billing themselves as an “experimental electro-acoustic band”, London-based Autorotation offer up this intriguing little gem of a tune. ‘Swamped’ bats between minamilistic electronic percussion and an evocative vocal care of Robyn Sellman.

Swamped by Autorotation

Released in December, ‘Swamped’ revolves around themes of staying out of the limelight and the idea that as a band under the radar, you’re actually given more opportunities for doing your own thing.

Autorotation began life as duo consisting of Sellman and Igor Olejar, but their lineup has since been expanded with the addition of Laura Tanner on percussion and vocals.


Little Sleeps

Any band getting a thumbs-up from OMD’s Andy McCluskey is worth taking a look at and Liverpool-based Little Sleeps certainly deliver more than a few rewards.

Big Awake was the duo’s first EP release and apparently details a love affair with “foxes, houses, bears, tigers and broken romances”. ‘Fox Spirit’ weaves together a hypnotic vocal with a raw electronic percussive beat, suggesting the likes of Curxes. ‘Bone Shaker’ is a glittering pop moment while ‘ A Kiss’ has a glitchy melodic appeal all its own.

Big Awake by Little Sleeps

This EP arrived back in 2013, so we’re a little late in shining a light on Little Sleeps, who describe themselves as “inspired by the geometrical shapes that plague our minds and fall out of us like nervous tics”. The outfit appear to have gone radio silent recently, which is a shame as the tracks here suggest they’ve much more to offer.